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No matter how great your oral health may be, if one single member of your jaw’s entourage is out of line, it can wreak serious havoc on the others. It’s important to keep your teeth straight, full, and healthy, because teeth rely on their neighbors for support. A dental crown can be extremely beneficial during times when a tooth has failed to do its job. Examples include:

– Weak teeth: to protect weak teeth from cracking, breaking apart, or decaying

– Broken Teeth: to hold together parts of broken teeth

– Tooth Support: for teeth that have large fillings when there isn’t a lot of tooth remaining

– Dental Bridge: to hold dental bridges in place

– Tooth Irregularities: to cover teeth that may have irregularities in size, shape, curvature, or color

– Dental Implants: to cover dental implants

– Lack of other treatment options: if the tooth or surrounding jawline is too far damaged for other treatments, including veneers, composites, or implants

– Cosmetic: to offer aesthetic benefits

– Root Canals: to cover teeth with root canals

– Children at High Risk: used to protect teeth of children that are at a high risk for tooth decay

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