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Did you know that a missing tooth can still cause serious harm to your mouth? The gap left between the teeth can house bacteria, it can cause shifting of your teeth and gums, and it can further promote tooth decay in other healthy teeth. Dental bridges can fill the gap left behind and give you a healthier, more natural looking smile. Here are seven reasons to consider when getting a dental bridge:

– Durability: With proper care and maintenance, a dental bridge can last over a decade

– Alignment: Bridges prevent further misalignment of the jaw and bite line caused by missing teeth

– Facial Structure: Dental bridges can fix malformed facial structures caused by missing teeth

– Drifting: Bridges can prevent further movement of teeth from wandering out of position due to toothless gaps

– Appearance: Bridges can vastly improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile

– Speech: Bridges can vastly improve speech, especially if the bridge is for the upper front teeth

– Eating: Bridges can make it much easier to chew food than with removable dentures or missing teeth

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