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Dental sealants are like superheroes for your teeth. In some instances, your tooth enamel can easily fail, especially when exposed to excessive amounts of sugar on a daily basis. With dental sealants, your teeth are much more protected and less likely to develop oral ailments such as tooth decay and cavities.

When bacteria and food debris build up in your mouth, a thin layer called plaque forms. When plaque is exposed to substances such as sugar, it can convert the sugar particles into harmful acids that are capable of eating through tooth enamel, causing dental erosion to occur. Dental sealants can withstand the effects of harmful acids, and keep your tooth enamel, and ultimately your tooth, well intact.

According to many studies by the Center for Disease Control, children are three times more likely to develop cavities in their youth if they do not have dental sealants. Sealants are so effective, they can lower your risk for tooth decay by over 80%. Not only that, but they can last for many years after they have been placed, oftentimes over a full decade. If your dental sealant should fail or wear out over time, they can be easily repaired or replaced.

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