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If you have a cavity that is currently harming your smile, it may be time for a dental filling to restore the tooth’s function. When our dentist finds a cavity in your smile, he can use a dental filling after removing the decay to fix the tooth and keep away any further decay. At the dental practice of Chris E. Lindsey DDS, we offer two kinds of dental fillings: amalgam fillings and composite resin fillings.┬áLet’s take a closer look at these fillings:

Amalgam fillings: dental amalgams are made from a strong, sturdy material comprised of metals and mercury to bind them. These fillings are ideal to use in the back of the mouth where most of the mastication happens, and where their metallic appearance is least noticeable. They are also ideal for bigger cavities.

Composite fillings: these tooth-colored fillings are ideal for filling cavities that are on teeth which are visible. They are also good to fill small to medium holes in the teeth. Another benefit to these fillings is that they can be filled multiple times without removing the original composite filling, as necessary.

If you would like to know more about cavity restorations for a tooth which is ailing you, please give our team a call to meet with Dr. Chris Lindsey in Palo Alto, California. You can reach us at 650-327-3770. We look forward to helping you maintain your healthy smile!