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Dental stains on the teeth in your smile can sometimes be unsightly. This might drive you to experiment with the whitening products available in stores. Unfortunately, many of these items lack the potency to restore the appearance of teeth suffering from significant dental stains.

To fully restore the white appearance of your teeth, you will likely need Dr. Chris Lindsey to administer a dental bleaching treatment. The professional tools and techniques at his disposal can safely remove dental stains that have set deep into your tooth enamel.

In the future you will need to take measures to prevent future surface stains from adhering to the faces of the teeth in your smile. This starts with modest lifestyle changes to limit your consumption of dark foods. You might also want to try drinking dark beverages and soft drinks through a straw.

Whitening strips can also be a convenient way to maintain a professionally whitened smile. Most come in the form of a clear sheet of plastic that has been treated with a topical form of hydrogen peroxide. While they are in your mouth, you will also need to avoid drinking, eating, and using tobacco.

Be sure to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before using a specific brand of whitening strips. This small logo can only be printed on the packaging of a product that has met the ADA’s rigorous standards.

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