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Have you waited a lifetime for a tooth restoration treatment to come along that can change your entire smile for the better? If so, dental veneers may be what you were hoping for. Not only can they improve your smile, but they can conceal stains, cracks and damage. Dental veneers are thin yet durable shells that are placed directly on the front of your tooth for the flawless smile you desire.

Not all oral issues are the result of tooth decay or gum disease. You can easily stain your teeth with a wide assortment of foods and drinks or severely discolor them with habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Furthermore, damage caused by contact sports or by an impact to your teeth can cause cosmetic problems.

Usually, dental veneers are put in place for aesthetic purposes only. Dental veneers can be built for a movie-star quality smile that can improve even the worst looking teeth. Dental veneers also look very realistic and can be designed for a single tooth; or to enhance entire rows of teeth. With dental veneers, teeth that are misaligned or improperly spaced can be improved.

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