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If you have not already done so, it is important to make a checklist of your oral health care issues and ailments to help ensure your smile has the best chance of future success. Ask yourself what you could be doing to improve the health of your teeth and gums, and what substances or habits you should be avoiding.

In order to keep your smile safe from the risks that can arise, it is important to implement effective oral health care tactics and treatments. This can include using products that are dentist approved and recommended, and oral appliances if you are involved in any high-risk activities. This includes the use of mouth guards when playing sports. Moreover, avoid mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings, and only use teeth whitening products that have been deemed safe and effective. In addition, avoid hard candies that can chip and crack your teeth, and sugar and starch products that can lead to dental erosion. As a general rule of thumb, you should always schedule routine visits with your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings. The more you do to keep your smile safe from the effects of oral accidents and injuries that can arise, the better off your smile will be.

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