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Did you know, flossing goes hand-in-hand with brushing when it comes to maintaining positive oral health? Brushing your teeth alone will not help fight against plaque building up between your teeth or along your gumline. In fact, flossing is an essential defense against plaque and bacteria that seeps into your gums from your teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Chris Lindsey in Palo Alto, California, is happy to remind you to floss your teeth each day, so you can keep your smile healthy.

To help you understand why flossing is important, consider these tips:

– It is generally recommended that you floss between your teeth every day. Always use gentle, soft strokes so that you do not lacerate your gums or wear down your tooth enamel.

– The ideal dental flossing session should take roughly 2-3 minutes to clean between every tooth in your mouth.

– Because toothbrushes cannot easily clean between teeth, a dental floss will need to be used daily.

– If you struggle with using threaded floss, try to use easier tools for operation such as water flossers. Water flossers avoid thread and instead use jets of water to clean between teeth.

– Do not use floss that can easily tear. Seek out shred-resistant floss that can continue to clean between your teeth without tearing.

By applying these tips into your life, you can preserve your oral health and fight against cavities and gum disease. If you have questions about gum disease or need help with any other oral health concerns, please call the dental practice of Chris E. Lindsey DDS at 650-327-3770 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.