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If you think oral piercings are cool, your smile doesn’t. In fact, your smile likely despises oral piercings, especially because oral piercings can damage the teeth and gums. This is why our dentist, Dr. Chris Lindsey, strongly encourages you to avoid oral piercings as much as possible. To help you understand, he is happy to list the dangers of oral piercings here:

-Infection, pain and swelling: You mouth is a very moist environment that is home to high amounts of bacteria. If your piercing gets infected, it can be life-threatening quickly. It can also make the tongue swell, which can block the airway.

-Damage to the teeth and gums: Sometimes the piercing can rub against the teeth and gums, which can wear the tooth enamel away and even make the gums pull from the base of the teeth. This can cause extreme tooth sensitivity and weak teeth. Oral piercings can also fracture and break the teeth if you tend to chew on the jewelry.

-Damage nerves: Oftentimes a piercing can affect the nerves of the tongue and make it numb. This is usually temporary, but it can be permanent, affecting your sense of taste, speech and the way you move your mouth.

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